Secrets Trilogy by Reynold Reynolds

Just came across by accident, the Secrets Trilogy by Reynold Reynolds . His artistic style and powerful language through visual art made me enjoy his work even more.

Before you proceeds towards his work, just a warning that the content is for mature audience.


The Secret Trilogy is a cycle exploring the imperceptible conditions that frame life.

Secret Life (2008)
Reynold Reynolds

Still from Secret Life by Reynold Reynolds


Secret Life portrays a woman trapped in an apartment with a life of its own. Transcending the narrative horizons of human desire, the film visits upon us a glimpse of a shared and sacred reality. A work that defies the ultimate metaphysical taboos of temporality by combining novel technique with intrepid philosophical vision; and daring to present that which is seldom, if ever, portrayed in any artistic medium.


Impossibilities are made possible through Reynolds’ signature aesthetic, a lens that can fill one with reverence for the mundane.


Have you ever wondered what time sees, experiences? Without mortal assumptions about time, the occupant of the apartment is no longer limited even to unique location, but here, seen through the eye of time, space itself is now become alive. Without the context of space and time, the woman’s mind collapses and neglects the organization of her experience, leaving her only with sensations. The viewer may ask: Is it her mind or is it time itself that creates the uncontrolled and uncontrollable environment? The work suggests that all living things are endowed with consciousness, meaning all living things have awareness. While the space increases in its activity, the woman becomes an ever more passive element in her world. She moves at a mechanical speed and her mind is like a clock whose hands pin the events of her life to the tapestry of time, all the while, the truth is transcendentally reflected in the mechanical eye of the camera. Her thoughts escape her and come to life, growing like the plants that inhabit the space around her: living, searching, feeling, breathing and dying.



Secret Machine (2009)
Reynold Reynolds

Still from Secret Machine by Reynold Reynolds


In Secret Machine a woman is subjected to Muybridge’s motion studies. She is treated in the same fashion as in the original Muybridge photography: with Greek aesthetic in a Cartesian grid. A short time after Mybridge’s studies, Duchamp painted Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 (1912) attempting to show time on a flat surface. He is expanding cubism and painting into another dimension: time. Time is about movement and change, like our experience of reality. Without change life does not exist. Photography does not capture this experience.


In Secret Machine different filming techniques are compared to the motion of the body. The film camera becomes another measurement tool in a way a video camera cannot. The intention was to make an art piece from the point of view of a machine, specifically a camera.



Six Easy Pieces (2010)
Reynold Reynolds

Still from Six Easy Pieces by Reynold Reynolds


The work is based on the book “Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of physics explained by its most brilliant teacher”. by Richard P. Feynman


“Film is the Seventh Art, a superb conciliation of the Rhythms of Space (the Plastic Arts) and the Rhythms of Time (music, poetry and dance), a synthesis of the ancient arts: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry and dance.” -Ricciotto Canudo



Check out more about the artist at:

Vimeo Album:
Facebook Page:


JUNKYARD by Hisko Hulsing

Let’s start this year blog post with a great fascinating short, Junkyard, beautifully written and directed by Hisko Hulsing.

Junkyard by Hisko Hulsing

Junkyard by Hisko Hulsing

A man is robbed and stabbed on a metro train. As he lays dying, a friendship from his youth flashes before his eyes.

Technique : Oilpaint on canvas, 2D animation, 3D animation
Written and Directed by Hisko Hulsing
Produced by Chris Mouw, Michiel Snijders, Arnoud Rijken, Willem Thijssen, Hisko Hulsing
2D Animation : Hisko Hulsing, Stefan Vermeulen
3D Animation : Polder Animation
Oilpaintings : Hisko Hulsing
Sound : Bob Kommer Studios
Coloring : Marc Schopman
Music : Hisko Hulsing
Casting : Rose Wicksteed

For full creditlist and other information concerning Junkyard please visit:

This film was made with financial support of the Netherlands Filmfund, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and the Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten

Illuster’s Vimeo Channel:
Hisko’s Vimeo Channel:


Noclip by Eva Figueroa López

A beautiful piece of 2d animation from Eva Figueroa López in her fake trailer NOCLIP.

Noclip by Eva Figueroa López

“Noclip” is a fake trailer, for a movie that, for now, is not going to be made, about the incredible power of its characters to defy the physics of the world they live in, almost as if they were cheating a videogame. With this project, I wanted to both experiment with the concept and improve my animation skills. Hope you all enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed working on it!


The project was done entirely in Flash, and edited in Premiere.
Music: Sad Robot, by Pornophonique —>

Check out more about the artist at her…



BZZ (2000) & Dji vou veu volti (2007) by Benoit Feroumont

Recently, Benoit Feroumont, a Belgium based animator made his two short films, BZZ from 2000 and Dji vou ven volti from 2007, online on Vimeo. He is well-known for his work in films such as The Triplets of Belleville (Lead Animator) & The Secret of Kells (Animation Supervisor).

Benoit Feroumont


BZZ (2000)



Dji vou ven volti (2007)



To view more of Benoit Feroumont, check out the links below:



StoryMOOC Week #8 – Thank You (Auf Wiedersehen)

Last week at StoryMOOC aka The Future of Storytelling is a special one, with a special assignment and some great interesting news.

The Future of Storytelling

The Future of Storytelling

First I like to thank the StoryMOOC Team:  #storymooc

Prof. Winfried Gerling
Prof. Constanze Langer
Christina Maria Schollerer @crossmedienne
Julian van Dieken @julianvandieken
Bernadette Klausberger
Jannes Schwentuchowski
Alexandra Schulz

And all the guest lecturers.

Rebecca Ahlen, Dr. Mark Butler, Prof. Dr. Jan Distelmeyer, Des Doyle, Cornelia Funke, Maria Grau Stenzel, Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Hobohm, Patrick Möller, Robert Pratten, Grit Schuster, Michael Straeubig, Mark Wachholz

Thank you, it was an awesome journey.

Check out StoryMOOC world over participants map:


A new development from StoryMOOC Team from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam on iversity website:

For everyone who has signed up before December 20th, all the course materials will stay available on Iversity for at least a YEAR. (So if you still want to catch up on the lessons, quizzes and creative tasks, don’t worry, and don’t hesitate!)


All the lessons will also go up on Aunt Renie’s channel, and don’t forget that Youtube enables the implementation of subtitles – so if you want to add some in your language (using Amara, perhaps), please go for it!


Alexandra Schulz

It’s a great opportunity, so remember the date December 20th and get yourself enrolled :)


There was a special post posted in Google + by one of the community member Maureen Maher, where we are trying to compile all the Aunt Renie adventures.
Or direct link #AuntRenie – Aunt Renie’s World Tour

And lastly a list of all the assignments I have done in these seven weeks:

Creative Task of the Week #7 – Meet Aunt Renie
Creative Task of the Week #6 – Location Based Story
Creative Task of the Week #5 – Digital Games
Creative Task of the Week #4 – Inspiration
Creative Task of the Week #3 – Fictional Character
Creative Task of the Week #2 – Character Profile
Creative Task of the Week #1 – Dogville

Thank you once again #StoryMOOC and do remember to enroll #mooc to “The Future Of Storytelling” on @iversity by 20th December 2013


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